AccuSplit 3.7.1

Split large files into smaller chunks

AccusSplit is designed to rapidly and reliably split large files and computer videos into smaller segments to allow for easy archival to external media like DVD, CD-R, Zip or floppy disks. These file segments can then be recombined at a later time into an exact copy of the original file.

The application was initially developed to split very large MPEG or AVI video files into smaller segments so that they could be moved from the hard drive onto inexpensive CD-R disks, thereby freeing up significant hard disk space. However, it is capable of segmenting and then correctly reconstructing any file, even non-Windows format files.

Main features of AccuSplit:

  • Split any Windows file
  • Handles file sizes greater than 4GB - successfully tested with file sizes above 70GB
  • Integral MD5 cryptographic algorithm continually validates data integrity during the file reconstruction process
  • Video Split Mode splits MPEG-1, DV-AVI, and standard AVI (including DIVX/XVID/INDEO) files into independently-playable segments without a lengthly re-rendering process
  • Includes a special video preview option that allows the user to manually adjust the location of the file split points - avoiding splits in the middle of an important scene
  • Full Command Line support allows AccuSplit to perform unattended operations within batch script files

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